Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ducks, Dogs, & Downriggers visits the Downeast Duck Hunter

This summer was full of excitement including a weeklong visit from my great friend Kevin from over to Ducks, Dogs, and Downriggers of Eastern Washington state.  Two years before, Trey from Brave Eagles Hunt with Antique Brownings made way from Southern Georgia for a sea duck venture. 

Kevin had different plans, all he wanted to do was relax, eat lobsters, go out on the lobster boat, catch a bass or two, and see if the Duckman was half as cool as presented online. 

Anyways, my next few installments will focus on Kevin's holiday to Downeast, Maine.  Before I close, this might be worth mentioning...

On the morning he flew out, Kevin swam in the Pacific Ocean out of San Diego and before midnight that same day, he waded in the Atlantic Ocean.  Apparently the Gulf of Maine wasn't warm enough to try swimming.
Kevin Sellers of Ducks, Dogs, and Downriggers on the FV Ducks and Bucks with the Downeast Duck Hunter

Stay tuned,

The Downeast Duck Hunter
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