Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ducks, Dogs, & Downriggers visits the Downeast Duck Hunter

This summer was full of excitement including a weeklong visit from my great friend Kevin from over to Ducks, Dogs, and Downriggers of Eastern Washington state.  Two years before, Trey from Brave Eagles Hunt with Antique Brownings made way from Southern Georgia for a sea duck venture. 

Kevin had different plans, all he wanted to do was relax, eat lobsters, go out on the lobster boat, catch a bass or two, and see if the Duckman was half as cool as presented online. 

Anyways, my next few installments will focus on Kevin's holiday to Downeast, Maine.  Before I close, this might be worth mentioning...

On the morning he flew out, Kevin swam in the Pacific Ocean out of San Diego and before midnight that same day, he waded in the Atlantic Ocean.  Apparently the Gulf of Maine wasn't warm enough to try swimming.
Kevin Sellers of Ducks, Dogs, and Downriggers on the FV Ducks and Bucks with the Downeast Duck Hunter

Stay tuned,

The Downeast Duck Hunter

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Downeast Destroyers Summer 2014

Bay of Fundy 10K Road Race Champions
After training last year and getting into the race circuit, I had no choice but to add the element of swag to my participation in the feet of fury. 

To make this happen, I decided to go after the Bay of Fundy 10K team championship with a team of local athletes designed to succeed at all levels.  The summer has been a good one for the Downeast Duck Hunter and the legion of Downeast Destroyers.  The road race team currently is 10 strong with a variety of runners specializing in either ultra marathons to 5K races.  I'd like to thank Isaac, Shelby, Kassie, Harry, Evan, Garrett, Devin, Pete, and Kelci for making our endeavor one to remember. 

In two team events, our squad has won both events including the most recent Machias Wild Blueberry Festival 5 mile run.

Our tentative plans for next year is to break up our team into all three divisions of the Bay of Fundy (marathon, half marathon, and 10K) and see how the Destroyers make out.  We also will be launching a staunch title defense at the Wild Blueberry Run as well.

Here's a few photos of our team which lives by the Downeast Destroyer code, "do not lose to the owner, coach, and president of operations".  Translation, I'll be pushing everyone to do better.

At the start of the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival 5 Miler

Shelby, medalist in both team events

Evan, 13 year old prodigy and medalist

Garret, Tony, Shelby, Adam, and Evan waiting for the team results

Being visible at the starting line

Newest member, Garrett who medaled at the Blueberry Run

Trio of Destroyers after the start, Pete (135) doesn't like the cotton Destroyer shirt

23rd place at the Blueberry Run

Friday, January 10, 2014

Opening Day Trout Slammer...

Ended up with a concussion on Christmas Day, and shouldn't have been on the ice for opening day of ice fishing but we ventured out for some brook trout action.

The day didn't disappoint as Bud and I nailed these monster brook trout within fifteen minutes of each other.  Mine hit 20" and 3.5 pounds while Bud fell one inch short but one half pound more in weight.

Now due to my thinking that I was well enough to go ice fishing, return back to work, and assume all other responsibilities, I've found myself in worse shape so now I get to do none of the above.  I may already typed too much here!!!  You can find us on Big Ole Fish as well.  Have a good one.

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