Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Running Circuit

Part of my life around Celiac Disease is this ongoing effort to deal with inflammation and nutritional challenges.  For about 11 months now, I have been running to the point that I opted to get back onto the race circuit.  It began as a way to improve my health, but the Duckman got fast enough to warrant that competitive edge and so far, it's been a blast meeting other runners and getting back into the action.  After all, it's been 23 years since I did road races in preparation for my freshman year cross country season.

My results are as follows:  Bay of Fundy 10K- 35th out of 300, Moosabec 4th of July 5K- 6th, Milbridge Days 5K-6th, and the Washington Academy Homecoming Raider Run 3.7 miler- 3rd.

As of right now, I'm building a team to challenge for the Bay of Fundy Team Cup which includes the Washington County Junior High Champion (and I still can't quite catch him in all these races) and potentially a former State Champion.

As the weather becomes colder, I've still tried to get out at least once or twice a week but may need to invest in a better treadmill so I may be able to train this winter.

Leaping across the finish line...


  1. Textbook running form my friend.

  2. Just remember that 3rd place is just second loser! Run Forrest, run!!!



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