Friday, February 22, 2013

The big 37... birthday bass..

I was asked if I feel older and honestly I do...

I'm like an older bulldozer, still plowing and piling just not quite as pretty and coming up with an occasional hydraulic leak.  Other than that, I figure I'm smarter and better than ever although I don't run as fast.  Anyways, with the 21st of Febauchery being my birthday I opted to spend the "I can do whatever I want day" on the hardwater with one of my staunch buddies, Craig.

To sum up  the morning, I'll keep it simple.  29 flags, 11 bass, 3 pickerel, and one perch.  I averaged a flag every 10 minutes and used two dozen large shiners.  I was even able to catch three bass on one large golden which after the last catch just couldn't make the descent down for another sortie.

As my Febauchery vacation nears an end, I'll say that although my ice fishing has not yielded yesteryear's numerical and qualitative value, my Febauchery vacation provided yet another month full of opportunities with family and friends.

Although the month isn't over, I intend to lower the plow and move some more dirt.

Until next time,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Nice fish bud! Time to come back to the real world!

  2. Happy Birthday! Those are a couple of nice looking bass.

  3. We never have ice here on the island.


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