Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year: Black Duck Style

I opted to bring in the new year forgoing the ice fishing pursuit as a monstrous blizzard dumped plenty of snow on what little ice had formed over a short spell, but rather trying my hand at a duck that has been fairly mum on the scene for me this year.

The tide was approaching which meant the ducks would be arriving to browse amongst the exposed seaweed and rocks.  With just two black duck decoys, my hopes was to arouse the interest of just one of the duck world elite.  And that happened... way too fast...

Within minutes of setting up, two committed blacks arrived and I chose my limit carefully and sniped the drake from about 20 yards.  I raced against the breezy NW wind and waded out in the shallow water to acquire the product of my efforts.

This is still a lot of day left, but an approaching cold front and gale force winds may leave this black duck as the last for my vacation but the first for 2013.  Have a great and wonderful new year full of ducks down and tight lines.


The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. I don't know if my wife would love it or hate it if I could hunt from my backyard. Either way, great way to ring in the new year, keep it up!

  2. Nicely done man, I am happy to see one of us is up and moving. This is my 6th day belly up with no end in sight...I have not missed an opening day on the ice since I can remember. Just not going to make it, I may not even have the ability to go this coming weekend, keep me in your thoughts, have a great new year buddy...

  3. And a Happy and Fulfilling New Year to you and yours Duckman!

  4. Another great Post and thank you for putting some feedback on my blog. I actually live by blue marsh. I deer hunt and hike around the lake and fly fish its tail water, which is actually open for duck hunting as well! I thank you for the info. I pretty much have all I need, but I agree, it's about finding a hunting buddy. One of our local fly fishing guides who I’ve become pals with got me out on the creek for my first duck hunt. He's from Maryland is used to a little more action I think (haha), but said he's hunted the area a bit and had some opportunity. I will definitely check out that forum. I'll let you know when I have some success!

  5. Kevin- I will tell you that my wife doesn't mind the gunning below the house. She loves watching me live the dream!

    Travis- Get better soon buddy, looks like our next time together will be at the Pike Derby!

    Mike- Thanks man, hopefully we get a chance to meet at West Grand Lake this winter!

    Tom- Glad I could help, sorry you are about to become addicted to quack!

    Reverend Fowl- You still have the best duck hunting handle out there, stay warm or at least warmer than what's going on in Maine right now.


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