Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Triple Threat: The Kelley Kids

Getting a buck is a big thing in my neck of the woods and what I'm about to share certainly is worth mentioning especially when three siblings can all tell their deer story around the table...

That's right... Caleb age 17, Osmond age 14, and Lexi age 11 are three of a kind... a triple threat if you will.  Let's get to the details... Here are the accounts of all three Kelley kid's deer including an extra for their dad.  Enjoy!!!

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Caleb commenting on his father's deer-

November 9th

My dad and I woke up bright and early in hopes to see a buck. We headed out to a field where I have had very good luck and put out some Tinks 69 & slipped into the ground blind. We were there for only 30 minutes before we saw our first deer- two fawns came running out in the field. I knew something was up when a nice doe stepped out and started to feed.

They fed for about ten minutes before they took off running right out at us. I looked over at dad and told him something was up. That no sooner left my mouth when a nice 7 point came running out with his nose down.

We only had one gun so I reached for it. Dad then grabbed the gun from me and said "this is my deer".  He then picked up my .243 and took aim.  He shot and hit his buck in the neck. The buck never even kicked his leg once. Once the smoke cleared, I asked dad why he didn’t let me shoot and he said that you will have your chance at a bigger buck. I had no idea that he would be right on this.

Caleb Kelley-

November 10th

I decided that I was going to walk this afternoon. The wind was blowing SW about 10 mph. I took off with the wind in my face and jumped several doe feeding, but saw no bucks.

I only had 20 minutes of shooting hours left so I decided to head back to camp. The wind was now blowing my scent to where I was going, so I didn't expect to see a thing.

To my surprise I saw a huge doe feeding near a field. I decided to sit and watch.  I blew on my doe bleat, then blew on my grunt call twice. I heard something running through the woods coming towards me...

My heart jumped when I saw a nice 8 point step out. I slowly took the safety off my .243 and aimed behind his forward shoulder. I slowly squeezed and he dropped in his tracks.  I quickly jumped up and ran up to my buck. I looked him all over and called my dad to come help me drag him out. He went 180 pounds and is the biggest deer I have shot yet.

Caleb with his monster and his father, Derrick with a fair sized buck

Lexi Kelley-

October 27th

Dad and I hunted hard all morning to only see 4 doe. We went back to camp and made up a game plan on the afternoon hunt. We thought we would try and walk up on a buck feeding in the field. It seemed we walked miles before we got there. We finally made it to the field.

Dad said to slowly peak up over the hill to see if there was anything out.  So, I slowly looked over the hill to see a nice 4 point standing 100 yards in front of me. I quickly sat down and told dad that he was out. He said, "okay, get your gun rested on that stump and wait for a good shot".

The deer seemed to not want to turn broadside for me. But then he finally swung. I took aim and squeezed the trigger, but however the gun never went off. I looked at dad and said it wouldn't shoot.

He quickly said, "jack another shell in". I did so and took aim, again. The deer started to walk off when I was about to shoot. Dad barked and the deer stopped in his tracks. I then counted 1, 2, 3 and squeezed. The buck ran 400 yards before he fell and died. I shot him with my brothers rifle.

I was so proud with my first deer. Not many 11 year old girls can say that they have shot a buck like I can.

Lexi with her nice buck

Osmond Kelley aka Ozzy-

November 12th

It was the afternoon and it was getting dark around 3:30 and I had 4 deer out, so I at least had something to watch. I didn’t know one thing and they took off, so I didn’t think anything of it.  About 20 minutes later a deer popped out and at first i didn’t see the horns.

I brought up the gun and it started to walk towards me. Then it stopped!  I saw horns, took it off safety, and shot. Its front legs folded up and its back legs was kicking up grass. At first I thought I shot its front leg, but I got him behind the forward shoulder.

Last but not least, Osmond with a fine young buck

I would like to congratulate these siblings on producing three very fine deer to adjoin their dad's nice buck.  They all are great kids and certainly have an innate passion for hunting and the great outdoors.  I also would like to thank their mom, Trisha Alley for allowing me to share in this remarkable story and encourage her kids to offer their own write ups on my website.

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