Thursday, November 22, 2012

One Bufflehead... Two.... Three... Happy Thanksgiving All...

I've been battling a nasty cold and trying to chase the almighty buck, but the one I missed bow hunting still manages to be around only when I'm not.  With several days of the wrong wind and a Thanksgiving break, I've chosen to let the forest and my body rest.  However, one can not let opportunity knock and not answer that door.

The small spread set out for an ebb tide.

Rather than capitalize on some sleep, I ended up with the almighty stupid cat who opted to let me know that morning was here and he was hungry.  After feeding said moron and brewing up a cup of Breakfast Blend, I couldn't help but watch the sunrise overlooking a high but ebbing tide.  Translation... I could walk 75 feet down to the shore, put out some bufflehead decoys, and try for an hour or so until the tide pushed too far out.  So I did...

I watched several diving groups further out in deeper water, but eventually things went my way.  The first one came in alone and hit the landing zone.  Just after the shot, I scurried up to the house grabbed my daughter's new kayak and carried it down the to beach.

 Within twenty more minutes, I ended up with another...

And shortly thereafter, I ended up with the third... I called it quits after that..

Aside of a beautiful morning and waking up my wife with a little bit of gunfire, I'm appreciative of the life I live and thankful for the blessings granted.  For that, have a great Thanksgiving.  I intend to get out in a couple of hours with my dad to pursue the almighty black duck, then we'll tackle the turkey.

Take care,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. I've always thought a flying 3-pack of buffies would make a great little wall mount in my man-room. You could have it done by Christmas.

  2. Nice job on the BuffleHead. I got one the other day my self, however, i am not seeing much of anything. we need some colder weather. Good Luck with the Black Ducks.


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