Monday, October 29, 2012

Trey Luckie and the Maine Duck Event: End Game

Trey seemed somewhat pleased with the hen eider, but quietly irritated with the erased opportunities for the white and black bomber.   The strong winds blistering across the oppositional tide offered no luxury for the die hard sea duck hunter.  If Trey had not invested so much into getting to Maine, I may not have even opted for our mid-day shift.  Often he brought up that he wasn't just visiting to chase sea ducks, but I wouldn't plan on going to Georgia just to swim.  We packed our gear and made fast work gliding over the white caps towards the lee of the town landing.  Day one had ended with a pair of black ducks just after daylight, two surf scoters, one female white wing scoter, and one hen eider.  I would have been happy with the five ducks Trey had gotten, and he certainly resonated in his quarry.

When presented some pan fried eider seasoned with salt and pepper, Trey eagerly took a bite whilst fathoming the unique flavor.  Out of nowhere, he inquired if I had ever eaten chicken livers.  I retorted with a fast "no" and we then commenced to finish the fried eider with honey per request of my guest.  Apparently nothing phases the Georgia rattlesnake.

Our forecast for day two did not bode well for our prospects.  Honestly, I questioned if we would even make it out for a second hunt.

But we did and a struggle for that elusive drake eider developed.  The wind made no intention of diminishing, nor did we find the weather so miserably bad that we wanted to surrender.  Things got a little messy once the tide turned, but at least the day was warm and the precipitation nil.

And Trey did get that one drake eider, although a limit could have easily been on the boat.  Close shots and tough ducks were substantiating the allure of this type of hunt.  Again Trey battled the variables and I consider our efforts well rewarded albeit the circumstances.

Our plans for the afternoon included some serious lounging around and some college football.  Then a full blown lobster buffet found Trey Luckie battling the odds and choking down at least four lobsters.  Those remaining were effectively picked by my wife and packaged to accompany Trey on his return the very next day.

Trey getting a head start on the rest of the competition.

In reflection, I'm very appreciative of our great friendship born out of some outdoor writing and it was great to see a pen pal type endeavor truly merge into something of meaningful substance.  I look forward to visiting Trey either this spring or next, nevertheless I'm happy that I've made a great friend in life.

Until next time,

The Downeast Duck Hunter

Working on the D3 apparel post
Trey admiring my good work and ease of cranking out a post in 2.2 seconds

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  1. That dude straining to drop a deuce in the 3rd pic down???


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