Monday, October 8, 2012

Sea Duck Luck...

Somehow the weekend of reckoning became just a weekend as Saturday brought foul weather and Sunday delivered the worst of moments as Trey Luckie's Brave Eagles handed my Harbor Hogs a third straight loss in fantasy football.  Then Monday began to look rather breezy which left Columbus Day weekend damn near a bust.  My dad suggested we be patient and wait the wind out.  I'm glad we did because things got a little fowl...

Our local lighthouse, Moosepeak Light

Anchor far out, dekes tied into far trap buoy, several buoys closer to boat to take away strain.

Having departed at 8 o'clock, our hopes centered on avoiding the 20 knot NW wind.  Once underway, a decision to head to the Cape Shore offered somewhat of an opportunity to shoot.  After the dropped anchor, decoys attached, and all other final measures, we let the wind push the boat southeast only to see if the ducks would turn after blistering through the "hole".

The "Hole"

 Although few ducks presented themselves, my father and I took advantage of several single eider committals and took three drakes from one larger flock.  Only one small group of whitewing scoters blitzed our position, but the tailwind along with an already high flight made that shot a stretch at best.  In all, we bagged a slow limit of eiders and took the time to scout a bit on our return.

Dad with an early pair from the only large flock.

For a day that offered little if any possibility, we certainly shared in some sea duck luck.  I've still got two more days weather permitting this week, let's us see how we roll...

Have a great week,

The Downeast Duck Hunter

One of my four eiders, slow limit today.  The birds just aren't around.


  1. High 40's with a persistent 15+ N/NW breeze. You will live...

  2. Have fun boys! I hope Luckie enjoys the all-you-can-eat Eider feed after the hunt.

  3. Man, those are big birds. We just have some young woodies that dressed-out fit in the palm of your hand.


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