Monday, October 15, 2012

The power behind people...

Good time, great buddy.
Too often, we underestimate the potential behind people.  This past weekend, I had the fortunate opportunity to offer a duck hunt on coastal Maine to a fellow blogger from southern Georgia.  It ended with an affirmation that in this world, truly fine impact players exist that will continue to make an impact no matter who they encounter.  If anybody could have the opportunity to adjoin Trey in life as a friend, acquaintance, or even stranger, then that said individual will be a better person.

With an endless positive, well-mannered demeanor and an honest, appreciative follow through, Trey brought an excellence in social interaction that fails to exist in most regions.  Whether it be the lonely elderly woman at the airport, the random couple exiting a store, our family & friends at a pumpkin carving social Friday night, or amongst the local fisherman at the landing; Trey walked away from every interpersonal conversation with the other side left in awe and sharing a smile.

Our daylight black ducks below my home, Trey finished his breakfast right after this photo.

Trey on the west side of the island, tide is ebbing in the background.

Appreciating my D3 apparel post, take that Sellers (a fellow blogger from WA)

Trey during the lobster eating challenge, apparently my challenge was all you can eat corn.

I am thankful to be able to offer Trey the chance at a variety of sea ducks and the elusive black duck, but I'm more thankful in hindsight that our time together was nothing short of top of the line.   When Trey boarded the plane for his return flight, it seemed that our time although enriched in friendship fell too short in longevity.

Trey became family over the weekend, anybody would be fortunate to embrace his friendship for few individuals can exude a brilliance in the faith of better fellowship than Trey Luckie.

Who knew that through a bit of blogging, I'd have a true friend in life.  Sometimes you've just got to roll the dice and let the world benefit. 

For our experience, I intend to post our hunting efforts every few days over the course of this and next week.  There were hits, misses, and memories to last a lifetime.  For some of Trey's write ups concerning his trip north, please click HERE.

Take care,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Thanks bud! It was an epic time and a trip I will never forget!

  2. Sounds like a great time. Looking forward to joining you guys for an adventure sometime soon...

  3. Looks as though this was a great time. I am a little upset that that D3 attire is only on East Coast...Central Maine could benefit from that gear as well =)


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