Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bow Hunting

One week of duck season has expired and not one shot did I fire.  Rather than take a day off from work or combat wind and rain to sea duck hunt, I have opted to get out several times this week bow hunting.
Momma and little one by the 8 yard rock...
After 14 years of teaching and racing against the ever decreasing day with a sunset that continually narrows the range between school dismissal and final minute, I realized that one could actually have an abundance of time if said brilliant one get his bow hunter's license.  That I did and already I have spent more time in the woods with the whitetails than all of last  year.  Actually, I already have seen a small buck and managed to skim an arrow under his belly.  I'd try to come up with a fair excuse, but I'm new to this and with that will come some serious practice especially from my stand.  Anyways, to be so close and personal with these deer especially a group of aggressive does establishing their place with the herd has elevated deer hunting to a whole new level.

The sea duck gear is all set and I anticipate a Monday morning shoot, then Trey Luckie arrives Thursday night for his Downeast experience.  We'll just say that he's quite pumped...

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. I come here everyday and squint my eyes to see Santa Moss.

  2. Welcome to bow hunting buddy. I have shot a bow for a little over thirty years and at first would practice all summer and when October first rolled around, put my bow up and grab the gauge gu for ducks. When we finally opened an expanded season on deer in the month of September, I finally got to do both. That being said, I am very passionate aboput the ducks, but enjoy bow hunting. I hope you stick with it, maybe we can hook up and get some bow hunting in together.

    Jo and I just were named Maine Bowhunters Regional representatives for South Central Maine (Kennebec and Anndroscoggin Counties. We are pretty pumped. I will keep you up to date on any 3D shoots coming up if you are interested.

    Welcome to the "Stick and String" club buddy.


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