Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sea Duck Scramble

Family Photo- Who tooted in the duck blind?

It's the season, and Duckman's jolly...

Aside of the mayhem and fallout left after a crazy move and getting my lobster gear up, I've managed to transition into my other career as a teacher while also managing a few moments here and there to reassemble my duck hunting arsenal.

Here's a few quick things that I have done to get ready for this upcoming season.

19" Carry-Lite Eiders ready to be added to the spread
1) Reviewed my license, purchased a federal duck stamp, and located my boat registration.

2) Inventoried my ammunition and discovered that no hunting last January equals quite a few boxes left over along with that extra case I always order.

3) Pulled out hunting clothing and gear for never ending organization & packing

4) Brought out the Duckforce, installed boat blind, and intend to touch up with paint.

17" Carry-Lite repaint project
5) Contacted a local airport to procure the mighty non-ethanol fuel.  Should be grabbing that this weekend.  I hope everybody looks forward to the increased price of food this winter especially with the drought.  Just keep shoving corn into my gas so that it can wreck everything I own in my foggy moisture forming water separating climate.

6) Decoys, decoys, decoys.  I have brought out some of my new 19" Carry-Lite Eiders while acknowledging that my current set is in desperate need of repair.  25 GHG surf scoters will be seeing more action along with some repainted non-shot 17" eiders that survived last season.  For fun, I attempted to count the total number of decoys I might have but lost count and quit around 167.  Only God knows exactly how many decoys I have (locally or elsewhere).

7) Opening day is October 1, but I won't be venturing out until the weekend.  The annual Duckpower shoot in central Maine will not include me, but will be having plenty of participants.  I'm just simply opting to save my personal day for another day or activity.  But I'll be sea duck hunting 4 days in a one week spread that will also include an appearance from the South Georgia rattlesnake, Trey Luckie who seems to be getting more excited with each passing day.

It's coming and I'm almost ready.

Have a great weekend,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Two weeks from right now we will be on the water pounding feathers into the sea! Gonna be the trip of a lifetime!! Everyone pray for good weather!!!

  2. Love the family photo! Good luck with the ducks and hunting with Trey!

  3. Wish I could be there. Your opener is nice and early, but I'll take our 108 day season where you can hunt every day, even on SUNDAYS! Good luck.

  4. Luckie: I'd be praying for FOWL weather if I was you.

  5. I can personally vouch for the fact that you have no less than 12 decoys that have made a permanent home in Central Maine. Tell Trey he better come and visit me as well!

  6. Great pic of the family. Well Buddy I can honestly say we missed you on the puddle duck opener...I think Deisel, Rabid and I took stock out on steel shot...we employed the "accuracy by volume" method :) Good luck this season, remember we need meat for the ice!!!!

  7. Trey- can't wait bro, time is getting near...
    Erin- thanks on all fronts...
    Kevin- you had your chance to join us, but you chose indoor football practices and wildfires...
    Rabid- six wood duck, over one dozen geese, and I think at least a couple of mallards in Central Maine... plus an ice fishing sled and a variety of other items...
    Travis- wished I could have been there, but Diesel wouldn't bring me down. Something about stealing his thunder...

  8. Love the family foto Duckman..good luck on your Duck Doings..


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