Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tunk Lake Salmon

 When Matty McDiesel launched me a text about fishing for lake trout and salmon at Tunk Lake last weekend, I felt compelled to attend for several reasons.  First being that we haven't done much together lately and secondly, I simply needed to do something different than catch a cheap lobster or move more things into the new house.  Opportunity was knocking and I felt good about our chances for a fish.

So off I went to paw through my moved fishing gear to find my trolling rods, tackle, downrigger, and anything else that would be necessary for our three hour tour.  We planned on meeting at 6 a.m. at the public landing.

You may only keep one salmon but all landlocked salmon between 16 and 20 inches must be released alive at once.  As for lake trout, one may keep six fish with a minimum length limit of 14 inches, only 1 can exceed 23 inches in length.

As always, Matt and I were both there a touch early.  Within minutes, the boat was launched and we we cautiously motored out of the rocky minefield out to the deeper part of the lake.  Our plans centered on circling the deep hole which drops to over 200 feet below the surface. 

Lead core and downriggers set, I nailed my first fish early.  A landlocked salmon just under 16 inches was landed using a white Mooselook with red dots dropped down to about 25 feet with the downrigger.  Shortly thereafter, Matty scored a small lake trout and lost a beauty before we succumbed to the heat.  When we started it was a pleasant 55 degrees and the sun within hours made it almost 85 degrees.  Nevertheless, a great morning with a great buddy.


  1. Only one fish?? Sellers caught a whole bunch of 'em!

    Just kidding bud! Glad you got a chance to get away for a little while!

  2. Nice salmon buddy. Hopefully we will catch the big brother and sister of that one up in Island Falls...which by teh way is only 197 days away:)

  3. Sounds like a great morning with a good buddy. Nice work! landlocked Chinook seem to be a White Whale of sorts for me, still working on getting landing my first.

  4. I've got to try Tunk! Did you leave some channel markers thru the rockfield for me?


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