Friday, June 15, 2012

A migraine and a pack basket...

What a terrible week.  Starting around Monday, my head began a process that has only happened one other time in my life.  This headache wasn't like the one back in 2007 as completely different beast has knocked me out for the count.  After much sleep, mixing work with sick time, and today a doctor's appointment, I hope to finally make this demon subside.  We'll see how this works, I'm tired of being tired and need to get some lobster gear into the water.

On another note, I had finished the larger reed pack basket this past weekend with a Minwax Special Walnut w/ polyurethane blend.  Needless to say, I am quite pleased with the outcome.  There are already a few local requests for the upcoming ice fishing season, and I look forward to seeing how this enterprise pans out.

Have a better day than I and I'll hopefully be back on the saddle soon after I officially find out what ails me.


Update 1:26 PM, throw a sinus infection on top of my fun and games. Will the fun ever end!


  1. I get migraines and my mom/sister get ocular migraines... I hope you get better very soon! I sympathize with you completely. And - GREAT looking pack!

  2. Erin, this was only my second but I had been hoping that I'd only have the first. The doctor said I deserved a medal for having a sinus infection along with the migraine, I told her I just wanted the sledgehammer to stop landing on the right side of my head. Thanks for swinging by!!!

  3. Tony,

    The pack looks great, I hope you are feeling better, migraines are the worst.

    I too suffer from migraines and have just changed medication to stop them. I will email you what I have changed to, if you are interested. I have stopped three in last two weeks with this new medication.

  4. I feel your pain! Here's hoping they don't come back.

  5. That thing really does look good bud! Sign me up when you start asking for investors!!


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