Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maine DIF&W Outdoor Education Hunter Safety Instructor

Earlier last week the materials arrived and within this rather large packet included my certification card & instructor patch.  Yup, I now am a certified hunter safety instructor for the state of Maine.  I'm not exactly sure when I will have the opportunity to begin; my best guess is this fall with a veteran instructor at the local rod and gun club.  On any account, I view this as an opportunity to help those in my community become safe and responsible hunters on land and water.

Have a great day,  The Downeast Duck Hunter

I did manage to get freed up enough to get a limit of trout this weekend...


  1. Ddi they give you one of those little vest to wear for you to display your lovely patches??

  2. Its seriousness, discipline, and safety that make hunting fun. I suppose it is challenging to articulate this in an attractive way, to everyone. Please stress the absolute superiority of duck hunting…..

  3. No Mr. Luckie, we have to wear jackets up north so a vest would seem pointless...

    Rev. Fowl- A lot of responsibility comes with handling a firearm when it comes to hunting, it will be a venture that I look forward to especially considering the importance of safe practices in pursuit of wild game.

    Thanks for commenting

  4. You'll soon have to give up your day job!


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