Friday, June 29, 2012

In less than two weeks, all my traps have been set and are baited for a long soak over this weekend. 

The boat price officially dropped to $2.00 a pound and I have already dealt with a breakdown.  My automatic bilge pump failed which allowed a bit too much water to rise in the bilge which then got into my starter which left me dead on the mooring.  Translation, a lengthy and tiresome process to pull my starter out of quite tight quarters to clean things up.  During this repair session, my cousin who is a marine engineer noticed that it was clean to replace my expansion tank. 

My mechanic
Once that was replaced, the 300 horsepower Caterpillar roared once again and I was on my way for an afternoon session of lobster fishing.

Breakdowns are usually quite costly and I'm sure that my earnings yesterday won't pay for my repairs, but that's the nature of the game.  I hope for a repair free remainder of summer and am thankful that Scott could get aboard the Ducks and Bucks before our early 4th of July weekend. 

Won't be doing this for a few days
Rather than spend it locally, our family has chosen to go camping for several days in New Hampshire.

Judging by how my hands, arms, back, and hips feel, I certainly can use a few days off.

Enjoy your weekend,

The Downeast Duck Hunter
Our first family outing two years ago


  1. Have fun buddy and tell the family that I said hello!

  2. Be a shrewd manager for them lobsters, the Lord will provide the harvest. Git yo vacation on too…

  3. And to add insult to injury, here is one of today's headlines in The Maine Sunday Telegram:

    "Lobster prices dive as early shedding boosts supply"

    A vacation with the family will be a good thing for the Duck Hunter..

  4. Too bad about the low lobster prices. It looks like pretty demanding work for those low prices. The early shedding is yet another examples of the variability of mother nature. Let's hope supply/demand improves so you guys can get compensated for your efforts. Can fisherman sell their catch directly to individuals or must they go through a coop or a wholesaler/retailer? I'll be going through Maine in early August and need a bunch of lobsters for the family spread.


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