Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Downeast Ice Fishing Pack Basket School of Higher Learning

My oldest saw some of my materials and asked if we could make a clothes basket.  I agreed only if it had the potential of doubling as an ice basket down the road.  She smiled and said in a sarcastic, "Sure Daddy".  Anyways, we cut 6 (48 inch) and 9 (44 inch) strips for the spokes on Monday while  I cut out the 7"X11" plywood base with two 11" runners yesterday.  After school, we tackled the project weaving the 1/2 flat reed through the one inch spokes.  Within a few hours, we were able to finish the basket.  I have included a few photos to show our progress. 

I'm pretty close on the large plastic ice pack, just need to get to my buddy's place and get the remaining straps.

Have a great day everyone,


The materials included six 48" and nine 44" spokes coiled for soaking in hot water.

               The beginning stage

Applying the base and runners

The early weaving process that cut into our evening meal, mom didn't seem to mind

My daughter who is now a graduate of the pack basket weaving school of higher learning

My girls with the finished "clothes" basket, it will be on the ice in a few months!!!


  1. All this time I thought that "Basket Weaving 101" was just a made up class offered at the University of Maine. Now I know!

  2. Mr. Luckie, due to the temerity of your prose I must now countermand my proffer of avian titillation. The writing class at UMaine was a prerequisite for our traditional arts course.

  3. Wicked pisser, you sure do tawk funny!

  4. You got a freakin old school child labor sweat shop going on there! Good job man put them kids to work!

  5. I belive you should set up an online Clothes basket store, selling these bad boys to help off set teh cost of blackberry weekends witht he crew. Have this be a school project and get your students to produce two a semester for extra credit!!!


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