Friday, June 22, 2012

Daddy's little sterngirl...

Daddy's little sterngirl working on her first ever bait pocket, she doesn't really care for the smell of dead herring.

I couldn't say no, she officially passed her swim test and has spent time swimming in the Gulf of Maine.  For that, I've pleased to announce that my daughter has joined in on team Ducks and Bucks.  She didn't finish out the day with dad and jumped off when I sailed into the harbor to grab a load of traps and drop off some lobsters with my wife, but overall she started out strong and I'm looking forward to being able to include my family in part of my summer.

The Duck Lodge and the beach below.
With long crazy hours that requires an early bed time and a before daylight alarm, my school summer vacation really isn't a vacation at all.  I've got ten more payments on the lobster boat and the new house is almost there, then maybe I can find myself enjoying the beach a bit more with the beauties.  Maybe if I can get tough enough, I'll join then for a swim in the cold Atlantic.

Most of my gear is down and I have certainly taken advantage of the nice weather and need to thank my buddy Shawn for lending a hand in my race against the molt.  I should by next week be all in and putting the gear into a better working schedule.

The beauties hit our beach today, they are tougher than me.
Currently the boat price is holding at $2.50 but word on the water and over the VHF is that another drop should be expected for this upcoming Monday.  I hope to increase my volume in order to offset the dismal price.

Have a great weekend,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Really awesome buddy! Nothing like little girls!

  2. I gotta get out on that boat sometime, though I don't think I'll be up for taking a swimming test in those icy waters. I believe there is a Seinfeld episode that addresses my concerns... shrinkage!

  3. BURRRRR! Those girls are tougher than the lips on a woodpecker!


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