Friday, June 29, 2012

In less than two weeks, all my traps have been set and are baited for a long soak over this weekend. 

The boat price officially dropped to $2.00 a pound and I have already dealt with a breakdown.  My automatic bilge pump failed which allowed a bit too much water to rise in the bilge which then got into my starter which left me dead on the mooring.  Translation, a lengthy and tiresome process to pull my starter out of quite tight quarters to clean things up.  During this repair session, my cousin who is a marine engineer noticed that it was clean to replace my expansion tank. 

My mechanic
Once that was replaced, the 300 horsepower Caterpillar roared once again and I was on my way for an afternoon session of lobster fishing.

Breakdowns are usually quite costly and I'm sure that my earnings yesterday won't pay for my repairs, but that's the nature of the game.  I hope for a repair free remainder of summer and am thankful that Scott could get aboard the Ducks and Bucks before our early 4th of July weekend. 

Won't be doing this for a few days
Rather than spend it locally, our family has chosen to go camping for several days in New Hampshire.

Judging by how my hands, arms, back, and hips feel, I certainly can use a few days off.

Enjoy your weekend,

The Downeast Duck Hunter
Our first family outing two years ago

Friday, June 22, 2012

Daddy's little sterngirl...

Daddy's little sterngirl working on her first ever bait pocket, she doesn't really care for the smell of dead herring.

I couldn't say no, she officially passed her swim test and has spent time swimming in the Gulf of Maine.  For that, I've pleased to announce that my daughter has joined in on team Ducks and Bucks.  She didn't finish out the day with dad and jumped off when I sailed into the harbor to grab a load of traps and drop off some lobsters with my wife, but overall she started out strong and I'm looking forward to being able to include my family in part of my summer.

The Duck Lodge and the beach below.
With long crazy hours that requires an early bed time and a before daylight alarm, my school summer vacation really isn't a vacation at all.  I've got ten more payments on the lobster boat and the new house is almost there, then maybe I can find myself enjoying the beach a bit more with the beauties.  Maybe if I can get tough enough, I'll join then for a swim in the cold Atlantic.

Most of my gear is down and I have certainly taken advantage of the nice weather and need to thank my buddy Shawn for lending a hand in my race against the molt.  I should by next week be all in and putting the gear into a better working schedule.

The beauties hit our beach today, they are tougher than me.
Currently the boat price is holding at $2.50 but word on the water and over the VHF is that another drop should be expected for this upcoming Monday.  I hope to increase my volume in order to offset the dismal price.

Have a great weekend,

The Downeast Duck Hunter

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Setting for the season...

The season begins

Last year's blue lobster

Last year's royal blue lobster

My view from the office window

After battling last week's migraine and sinus infection, I've officially shifted from the classroom to the high seas.  In five days, around 300 traps have been set and I'll be checking several of my strings today to see if the soft shells are on the move.  I hope to have another 200 or so in by the end of next week before our yearly camping trip.  This year we'll be heading to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

So it looks like the Downeast Duck Hunter will be shifting over as a lobster fishing blog for some time, and let's hope for a profitable season even though the boat price is already down to $2.50 a pound.  Last July the price held at $3.00 all month!

Have a great day,

The Downeast Duck Hunter

Friday, June 15, 2012

A migraine and a pack basket...

What a terrible week.  Starting around Monday, my head began a process that has only happened one other time in my life.  This headache wasn't like the one back in 2007 as completely different beast has knocked me out for the count.  After much sleep, mixing work with sick time, and today a doctor's appointment, I hope to finally make this demon subside.  We'll see how this works, I'm tired of being tired and need to get some lobster gear into the water.

On another note, I had finished the larger reed pack basket this past weekend with a Minwax Special Walnut w/ polyurethane blend.  Needless to say, I am quite pleased with the outcome.  There are already a few local requests for the upcoming ice fishing season, and I look forward to seeing how this enterprise pans out.

Have a better day than I and I'll hopefully be back on the saddle soon after I officially find out what ails me.


Update 1:26 PM, throw a sinus infection on top of my fun and games. Will the fun ever end!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Downeast Ice Fishing Pack Basket School of Higher Learning

My oldest saw some of my materials and asked if we could make a clothes basket.  I agreed only if it had the potential of doubling as an ice basket down the road.  She smiled and said in a sarcastic, "Sure Daddy".  Anyways, we cut 6 (48 inch) and 9 (44 inch) strips for the spokes on Monday while  I cut out the 7"X11" plywood base with two 11" runners yesterday.  After school, we tackled the project weaving the 1/2 flat reed through the one inch spokes.  Within a few hours, we were able to finish the basket.  I have included a few photos to show our progress. 

I'm pretty close on the large plastic ice pack, just need to get to my buddy's place and get the remaining straps.

Have a great day everyone,


The materials included six 48" and nine 44" spokes coiled for soaking in hot water.

               The beginning stage

Applying the base and runners

The early weaving process that cut into our evening meal, mom didn't seem to mind

My daughter who is now a graduate of the pack basket weaving school of higher learning

My girls with the finished "clothes" basket, it will be on the ice in a few months!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maine DIF&W Outdoor Education Hunter Safety Instructor

Earlier last week the materials arrived and within this rather large packet included my certification card & instructor patch.  Yup, I now am a certified hunter safety instructor for the state of Maine.  I'm not exactly sure when I will have the opportunity to begin; my best guess is this fall with a veteran instructor at the local rod and gun club.  On any account, I view this as an opportunity to help those in my community become safe and responsible hunters on land and water.

Have a great day,  The Downeast Duck Hunter

I did manage to get freed up enough to get a limit of trout this weekend...

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