Monday, May 28, 2012

Shooting the Super Redhawk and Springfield XDM 45

Recently my buddy, the Rabid Outdoorsman, and I got talking about the Ruger Super Redhawk as a good choice for a sidearm while bear hunting.  He seriously wants to shoot my hand cannon before he leaps into the stainless magnum revolver club.  Anyways, I told him I intended to do a post on shooting this handgun in terms of recoil and shooting enjoyment.  Well here's my poor attempt at best...

I had planned on a more expansive shooting session with a variety of angles, however an uncharged battery left us with limited footage.  This minor issue didn't ruin our shooting opportunity as we put 30 rounds through the Super Redhawk, 78 through the XDM 45, and an unlimited amount of .22 rounds through my Ruger 10/22. 

So without further ado, here's a short video of Ian and I shooting our newest handguns.  I'll promise next time to be better prepared.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Were you wearing ear protection young man??

  2. Yeah, those little things you squeeze and stuff into your ears... I honestly wouldn't want to shoot those guns without ear protection, but I did take them out when we shot the 10/22.

  3. You appear to be in actual pain shooting that hand cannon. I am beginning to lean toward the purchase of the 357 magnum. :) You must let me shoot that BEAST before my final decision.

  4. I need to go back and review your assumption. Didn't remember suffering, but you do need to hold down the recoil. You can shoot it whenever you want, it may just require you to get down east more than once every two years...

  5. Where can I buy the cardboard target? I noticed that the pistol in the video ejects further as is warms up or loosens up.


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