Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pack Basket Crazy

The two little packs for my girls
After taking the pack basket seminar a few weeks ago, I'd be lying if I haven't been a little bit overly excited about this learned skill.  With two little baskets to my credit from the course, I've manage to restore my deceased father-in-law's ice fishing basket and embark on two other efforts of great magnitude.  The first is an all plastic ice fishing basket made entirely of recycled materials and the second is now complete.  Let's digress...

It's a rather large woven basket working off a 9"X16" plywood base and over two feet tall.  I browsed the internet for different styles and tried my best to make a bellied bottom for storage and have it chimney up top.  For my third official basket and first large one, I'm quite pleased.  My instructor told me once I did three baskets, I would be quite handy at this trade.  He's certainly right, you only get better with each one you make.

I'll be procuring more plastic strapping this weekend and should have the better part of the plastic basket done fairly soon, that in itself will make for another great addition to my hardwater arsenal.  You make ask, what does one do with all these packs.  Simple answer, rather than continually change my gear for the different types of ice fishing I will simply grab whatever pack holds the proper traps.  I will only exchange another bag that will hold my basic gear.  With more ice fishing traps than I know what to do with, I'll try this out plus it never hurts having a few extra ready packs when a buddy may want to try out ice fishing.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend,
 The Downeast Duck Hunter

Rugged wooden runners
Just waiting for the straps

5/8 plywood base, 9"X16"
It's fairly big


  1. Yes, Its huge but will it hold a 30 pack. :)

  2. That will be the challenge when we next visit, you must sufficiently establish the maximum number of PBR tall boys that the super mondo ice pack basket can hold. I'm guessing it may hold your body weight in the golden beverage for all occasions...


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