Monday, May 7, 2012

Model 870 Asssembly...

My Remington model 870 Express, part of my arsenal since 1988

My first Remington model 870 was a present from my dad on my 12th birthday.  Over the years, countless ducks have fallen prey with this smooth shooting firearm in my hands.  Although I've graduated to autoloading shotguns, every so often I bring out the black beauty for a black duck or bufflehead shoot.  The only modification I've made was to replace the wooden stock and forend with black synthetics when a buddy offered a deal that was too good to pass up.

Needless to say, this gun will forever hold an important place in my life. While guns come and go, the model 870 I cherish will be handed down to a most deserving sport when the opportunity is just right.

Below is a video at Respect Remington that offers an interesting insight to the modern classic pump shotgun and the assembly procedures in order to produce a quality product.

Please feel free to share your best memory about your 870. For one of mine, check out Still on a Roll.


  1. One very fine gun. My 20 served me well for many years before I moved on up! Still have it in the closet waiting on my boy to get a little bigger.

  2. Reverend- You would have loved to see the Rabid Outdoorsman down to duck camp when he took a sprint for the loft and tried to place his soft case holding his 10 gauge pump ever so gently down. He came up a few inches short and after a thorough inspection, a spot on his vent-rib was bent towards the barrel. Being the good friend I am, we took a small wedge and ever so slowly alternated sides until the damage was reversed. That's my vent-rib story of the day...

    Trey- no questions broseph, just a matter of time before our future hunters can wield the cannons...


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