Friday, May 4, 2012

ATV action

Recently, I had a few hours to spare and with my wife's full encouragement a short ATV trip fell on the docket.  Tim, Teeya, and I opted to depart their house and ride for 1.5 hours then return in time for our other responsibilities.  Our plan went in accordance, until we chose to explore north and west as opposed to continuing east.  In doing so, we completed a near loop and returned well ahead of schedule.  

With a variety of straight runs, windy trails, rocky terrain, and a few negotiable spots augmented with the recent rain this past week, this may have been one of the more entertaining 30 mile rides I've enjoyed.  Below, I've added a quick video trailer of some of the more challenging spots.  It's important to mention that we did not repeat these runs, but rather took advantage of video taping those few spots that were part of the trail. 

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