Friday, April 20, 2012

ATV plastic replacement

There are two posts over at the old site that continue to attract visitors at an impressive rate, one being the 4 subspecies of the common eider and the other an effort to restore my faded fenders on my 2003 Yamaha Big Bear.  Today's quick post will be more related to the latter.

Weird things happen, several years ago my buddy Steve (The Maine Outdoorsman) commented on how my ATV surely showed the signs of abuse.  He wasn't wrong, I had not taken the proper measurements to protect the bike from UV light exposure and weather.  The Bear with limited miles saw limited duty and sat outside sorely neglected while I attended to all other aspects of life.  I then began the process of figuring out how to restore the luster in faded plastic or at least purchased new fenders.  The wheeler is fine mechanically, but I really wanted to improve the cosmetic aspect.

That led to the heat gun and buffering compound, which honestly worked well.  The problem however was that without constant attention and storage, the dreaded fade seemed to come back without regard to my labors.  Finally, I opted to either find another bike cleared by a reasonable offer for my Bear or find new plastics.  Within a week, both happened.

While a buyer was working on getting a loan at the bank, I happened to be floating around and saw an ad for unused Yamaha Big Bear plastics.  I called, spoke with a man who had owned an ATV auto shop, and bought the green fenders unseen.  You see, my buddy Rabid was just minutes from where the goods waited.  I put the check in the mail, called him, and wrote his wife an email to confirm his unknown honey do list for the Duckman.

Rabid came through and I just brought the plastics home from our bass attack weekend.  The Big Bear is stored at a friends house so that I may access the trail system in Washington County, but it also happens he's a jack of all trades and has been dedicating a few hours here and there to do the swap.  Here's some photos of his progress and I'll be putting up some before/after photos next week.

Have a great day,

The Downeast Duck Hunter

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