Monday, March 26, 2012

It's been that long... 8 years ago at West Grand...

Recently, I caught up with my best bud Jab who had decided to scan some old photos and put them on a big social networking site.  One particular photo brought back a few memories and some good stories.  For that I'll do my best go back to this day and put up a few scanned photos from my archives.

My one salmon weighing in against three of Jab's nice lakers for the day, the largest weighed in over 5 pounds.

This particular photo was from Hardwood Island where the fishing wasn't particularly fast via tip up, but Jab discovered the power of jigging a Swedish Pimple.  He was striking so many lake trout that he threatened to punch me if I even suggested he hand my rod over.  Finally he needed to eat and the scent of a wood fired steak forced him to submit.  It would be at this point I ran fast, grabbed the rod, and managed to jig up of all things a landlocked salmon.  Shortly thereafter, I received a short list of cursory words and idle threats to life and limb.

Just before pick up, he asked for a photo in order to 1) make me look bad and 2) share with friends and family.  I'll say that on that day, Jab was the man.

From my best recollection, the time was February back in 2004 at West Grand Lake.  This three night-four day fishing extravaganza included seven people all staying at the Canalside Cabins in Grand Lake Stream: Jab, Tim, Uncle Dennis, Scott, Donnie, and myself.

Salmon action at the Sisters
The three places we fished in no particular order were Dyer Point, Hardwood Island, and Norway Point.  Dyer Point produced several lake trout and a whitefish while Norway Point was a salmon hot spot that put two beauties on the ice for me in 35 minutes.  I opted to pull the traps and visit Justin Tapley and Butch Hanson over at a camp just around the point.

Some highlights of the trip were Jab's trailer roll over, my sliced boot by avenue of Jiffy Ice Auger, Donnie's hot dog cookout with some friends who helped him get out of a pressure ridge, my new Yamaha Big Bear, and Jab's jigging, hook shaking, arm dropping, tail grabbing seven pound lake trout out of the icy hole.  The memories certainly have returned, and I credit the photo that Jab opted to put on the social big book.

Donnie's Dyer Point whitefish
Tim's nice Dyer Point laker

One through the ice

Surrounding the timing of this trip were some monumental factors:  our first baby Lauren Marie was expected in May, I had just built a new lobster boat, Jab had a major surgery just weeks before and was also engaged, and the Red Sox had yet to win the world series.  Looking back on this trip certainly makes me think back on the adventures we shared, and the new ones we intend to forge under different circumstances.

Have a great day,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. When do you think the ice will be out Duckman?

  2. Do you mean "ice out" as in how the Duck man requested no ice in his Cape Cods at Pete and Larry's in Ellsworth a long long time ago.

    1. Bad night where the planets did not line up...


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