Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Forum Experience

Northern Pike:  One controversial fish
Frigging River Mud was right with #2 over at his website- Click here after reading my post...

I had originally planned to do a well thought essay on the northern pike and its place in the great state of Maine.  After reading a variety of published articles casting a slew of opinions that ranged from the illegality and devastating effects to opportunity for landing a massive fish to a proactive approach to manage this fish, I felt compelled to take this topic straight to the core with local input.  What I discovered in short order was something more alluring and echoed from others who do a fair amount of searching, thinking, posting, and communicating:  all that glitters is not gold...

Most recently, I signed up for and found myself shooting through the newest posts providing interesting banter about ice quality, last ditch fishing efforts, and how one dared to merge the previous two.  A place for fishermen, Maine fishermen, those who like me love photography, video, and greater insight.  My only failure was timing, I had stumbled on this website as the ice was relenting to an early spring.

Of course one introduces themselves and I figured to have a little fun, hence my first post:  Is the ice safe out there???  Upon clicking the thread, I quickly established my joke and offered a little bit about myself.  Several responses later with some welcomes, look forward to next year, and "you're a bit late" provided a sense of decent, dedicated, ice anglers.  In addition, I offered up my website if anybody would want to view my website and check out any of my recent videos.

My next thread seems like I fell into a table saw, or at least I ran into the wrong part of town.  I asked the membership about their input towards the northern pike in the central part of the state, one member graciously provided a link and another put up "uh oh" post as if I had started a feeding frenzy.  That I did with several posters, none of whom had welcomed me on the first post, with a mockery level snark attack immediately upon my inquiry.  I simply chose to go to bed, the hornets nest was buzzing.

This morning, the thread was missing so I went back to my history and clicked Northern Pike.  This is what I got:

The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

Amazing... Granted I should have taken the time to fathom and peruse the board using the search tool button, but rather than a few diehard anglers generating a meaningful discussion I discovered the harsh reality around these forums.  There are more bad apples than one would think, but I'm staying on for I know already who I'd like to converse with and who I could give two damns about.  

What this partly my fault, absolutely... You post a controversial topic for your second thread and expect to reap the rewards... I should have known better.


The benefits of Maine Ice Shanty will be great and I look forward to building some new relationships with other fishermen in the state.  As for the others, I am sorry that you are hanging around the school yard after school hours...

Have a great day,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Glad to see I am not the only trouble maker on the block. :)

    1. I will shoot hens if I am so inclined... you are dead to me DHC!!!- Rabid

  2. There you go again, causing trouble!!

  3. Ahh Tony you just had to step right in it, good for you! I have dabbled with forums and only one do I visit anymore and that is without any frequency. Yet the members of that particular (Snipe Hunters)forum have been wonderful, from the very beginning. As you said, "all that glitters is not gold".

    1. Lot of seemingly awesome people, I do look forward to next year and maybe some off season discussion. All dedicated, just not all with decor...

  4. Excellent post. Kind of funny to me because I've seen the same thing many a time on a couple WA hunting/fishing forums I frequent. You want to get people riled up in the Northwest? Just bring up Electronic decoys, or Retaining a wild steelhead (yes, legally). Most forums are home to many nattering nabobs of negativity just waiting for their opportunity.

  5. I love my MoJo, every state should have them. I have had good luck with Duck Hunting Chat, I hope that my early experience at the Shanty doesn't represent the entire population or site.


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