Monday, February 27, 2012

The Northern Pike Experience: Part Two

After a restless night plagued by a faulty air mattress and impressive snoring, I actually embraced the 3 o'clock alarm and quickly readied Rabid's dew of the devil.  Caffeine would be my friend this morning as I grabbed another 20 ounce hazelnut brew at the Irving before reaching the landing.

Well before daylight, we still were well behind Travis and his crew who had already started hauling gear towards the outlet.  I took my time motoring out, not exactly sure where open water existed and relying on Steve's direction.  Once arrived, Ryan and Steve made haste with the gear as the ice auger was fired up no sooner than when I returned back to the landing to grab Matt Diesel and my ice shack.

I took the time to videotape the experience and will let the footage tell the story.  There is no particular order, other than I did my best to capture everybody catching their respective northern pike.  Several were missed as I found myself either checking gear, napping, or shuttling people either to or from the landing.

I'll close out the rest of the story in a few days, I've been sort of caught up in tourney basketball action as the school who I once played for and currently teach at just attained another Eastern Maine title.  Great job Royals and let's go for the gold!!!

Take care,

The Downeast Duck Hunter

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