Friday, February 3, 2012

Gluten Free Guide Approved...

With the advent of Celiac Disease, I learned quickly that my life needed to change immensely.  My wife took the reigns and did her best to convince me that not all food would kill me as I came to grips with this autoimmune disease.  No longer would I be sick, for I hold the key to preventing a victory to gluten with proper diet, a healthy strategy, and continued education.

But some things just aren't fair...

No occasional Big Mac, Stuffed Crust Pizza, Glazed Donuts over at D&D, etc...

Do you know what also hit me pretty hard?  B to the double E to the R, yup the golden beverage for all occasions was officially off the list and I simply opted to give in until I discovered there were options.

I had my first gluten free beer, New Grist, over at my doctor/fantasy football commissioner's and it wasn't bad.  After finding out that the Global Beverage Warehouse in Ellsworth, Maine carried several brands of gluten free beer, I began to try the varied offerings.

  The days of greater consumption are well past me now, but still a few beers now and then certainly are appreciated.  So as of right now, Green's Amber Ale is at the top of my list followed by New Grist.  At a distant third place sits St. Peter's Sorgham Beer that starts out a tad bit bitter then finishes a touch better, and in the not bad category but still in fourth place is Redbridge produced by Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  It tastes pretty good but is a little weak on the kick factor, certainly no Double Bag or IPA octane.

I have a link below to Men's Health Blog which did a reasonable look at some good gluten free beers.  I haven't tried them all, but will find myself exploring these brands and others as brewers are certainly recognizing that millions of people for gluten free options.  These beers are not cheap, every one feels like I just got it at the Sea Dog Restaurant but still it's good to know that I can have a cold one now and then.

Men's Health Blog- Gluten Free Beers

Febauchery awaits!!!

The Downeast Duck Hunter- The Gluten Free Guide


  1. I don't want you trying to feed me those things when I get there. Better be some Budweiser products around!

  2. Ian
    All distilled liquors are safe, unless something has been added. Bourbon is listed as okay, although I'm not a huge fan.

    You'll be served a keg and you can't go home until it's gone!

  3. Try Fatty Bampkins. Hard cider, European style. Gluten free. My friends make it in Casco and its super yummy!

  4. I am amazed that Asian markets sell big blocks and cakes of pure gluten to be eaten or served in the same manner as tofu and bean curd.

  5. I'm not picky. If you're buyin', I'm drinking, gluten free or gluten-full, its all good in my book. But... if I can have my pick, I'll go for a Dead Guy Ale (Rogue) in the beer dept and a Pendleton Whiskey in the bourbon. Both from the Northwest of course.

  6. Does my beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon have a variety?


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