Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Model 1890


Ask my dad exactly how many firearms he owns and he'll tell you that he doesn't know...

You see my dad grew up in poverty, not the poverty today with all the fixings but the kind that was tough.  He lost his dad at age 13 and my grandmother was not around, which left his upbringing to his grandparents and himself.

As a child I always remember him saying- when I was a boy I didn't have much and always said when I get to be big, I'm going to have what I want.

A truly self-made man, my Dad and Mom built a great life together making things great for my sister and me.  Not to say that the nose to the grindstone work ethic didn't get transferred, but it would be fair to suggest that we've worked hard utilizing our education while Dad did it with his body.  Through millions of sandworms, hundreds of thousands of clams, and thousands of lobsters, we lived a working middle class upbringing.

But one thing always stood out, all kinds of BB guns, shotguns, rifles, and ammunition were stockpiled.  The hunting memorabilia from his childhood were continually garnered which leads me to today's post about one I shot two weeks ago- the Winchester Model 90 .22 Caliber Repeater.

This sharp shooting little gem was picked up several years ago from one of Dad's friends who owns a gun shop.  The octagon barrel and flawless pump action with incredible balance made this model very popular with not quite a million made.  On any account, I'm in the process of gathering more information but thought I'd share a photo of the rifle and the group it provided at 25 yards.  Have a great day.

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. That's a nice shooter and a good couple shots too. What a treasure to have, thanks for sharing.

  2. You do know that the Winchester Model 1890 was a gun designed by John Browning don't you! Just thought I would throw that out there!!

    I think you would enjoy reading the book "John M Browning- American Gun Maker". Full of gun history and just how important this man still is today for the gun industry!

    Not a bad little group!

  3. Trey, I did know this and was wondering how quickly you'd mention that. I'm currently cranking out a more detailed an informative post about this slide action repeater.

  4. Looking forward to it! You should still read the book being a history buff and all!


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