Monday, January 9, 2012

FOXPRO Firestorm Update...

Update:  January 9, 2012

Today, I went out for a quick set at my tree stand and pulled in another red fox.  It would be fair to say that the call is very effective as today's failure was on my dependency on electronic devices.   I had my cell phone on vibrate in case I got a work related call.  True enough, checking my phone took my eye  away from hunting only to watch the fox come and go.  Readiness had gone out the door as I could not pull fast enough on the fox, but at least I've got the complete footage for analysis. 

Here's the video of the FOXPRO in action with my video camera left at ground level.  I may not put a raccoon tail so high next time as this may have alerted the fox.  To the left was a toy mouse and the logic was to have a predator already dispatching the mouse, little did I know that the tail stuck straight up off the antenna would seem a bit "massive".   There exists no question that I'm improving rapidly and can't wait for the next opportunity.

Enjoy the video.  There is a fox that has used up 2 lives already, I'm pretty sure this is the same one I fired at over X-mas vacation.
For my gear review of the FOXPRO Firestorm click HERE.

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. I did not see it when it made an appearance and paused, only when it made the bolt for the call. The only time I didn't have the shotgun pointed towards the call was when I got the call (text actually). Lesson learned until the next time I screw up.

  2. WOW, that was fun to hear and watch. Sorry he got the best of you this time. Does seem to be the norm when hunting that they come in when you're relieving yourself, re organizing or doing something other than total focus and attention. Geese are horrible for that!

  3. Great video! You just missed out on Fantastic Mr Fox.

  4. No doubt Terry, that is the Murphy's Rule for Waterfowlers.

    So I took the time to watch the entire video and learned so much.

    Next time (and I'm going to leave that spot alone for quite some time) I intend to put the call in the wood pile to encourage a little more effort in finding the prey.

    And turn off the cell phone... lol...

  5. Dr. K

    Mr. Fox days are numbered, I'm getting educated... I just wish the stump wasn't in the way, that would have made the video even better...

    I need to change my blog title to something a little more well-rounded... I'm starting to get too many eggs in the basket!

  6. nice little video. They are fast and you need to be on your game. Keep at it.

  7. No doubt Passinthru, if I had been where the camera was I'd have pulled it off. And fast, like a lightning bolt!

  8. That was FAST . . . word to the wise use a shotgun and don't blink when hunting fox!!


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