Friday, December 9, 2011

A few photos from this fall...

I've been too busy with the craziness of life and one nasty cold/sinus infection to get out into the field these past few weeks, but look forward to a few hours alone pursuing another black duck and maybe a kicker mallard.   Let's hope for both and even a Maine win over Georgia Southern.  Have a great weekend...

Last Wednesday my neck of the woods was the warmest in the continental U.S.

Sunrise for one of our sea duck hunts

Sunset from my community

Rapids rainbow during my September bear hunt

View from Russell Mountain (Delorme Map 48, A-5) during the bear hunt



  1. What a great game cam pic! I love it!

    Hope you get to feelin' better soon. That sinus stuff always sucks!

  2. something is just not right with that first picture!!


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