Monday, December 5, 2011

Drop that Eagle...

What do I and the University of Maine have in common? We are both Chuck Norris approved and on a roll.  A little rift in the social networking domain has resulted in some major stakes at hand.  So let me shake it down...

The University of Maine football team pounded Appalachian State 34-12; and next on our thrashing list is none other than Georgia Southern, the former academic home of Trey Luckie the author of Brave Eagles Hunt with Antique Brownings.  The 13th ranked Black Bears will play the 3rd ranked Eagles at 2:00 p.m. Saturday and at this moment on ESPN3...

So Trey Luckie, you may want to start a prayer chain down in the state of Georgia because you are going to need all the help you can get.  I look forward to our invasion...

Have a great day,

One Proud Black Bear (1998 and 2007)


  1. At least get the name correct. We are the Georgia Southern EAGLES! No gold here in these parts! We are a 6 time National Champion! I'm having trouble finding whether or not you guys have ever won one.

    Did you even know that your team was in the playoffs before I called you??

  2. Wow, a team with a legacy... Even more sweet will be the leftovers...

  3. Both my alma maters (Va Tech and App State) got crushed last weekend. Miserable.

    Let's go for the classic misdirection - Hey - Tom Brady sucks!

  4. No dog in this fight for me, but I will most certainly be rooting for the Black Bears as the only true Eagle is an Eastern Washington Eagle, the CURRENT National Champions!

  5. This upcoming football contest should lead to some very entertaining blogging!

  6. Nice to see that you actually have some Maine athletic clothes there Duckman!

    Eastern Washington, Eastern Washington....Nope. Not on the playoff list. Better luck next year for the one hit wonders.

  7. Trey, of COURSE they have athletics, and thus, collegiate athletic gear. What you may not know is that competitive interpretive dance has long been a mainstay of Maine athletics - from what I hear, the DEDH was a four year starter on the team. Specializing in ribbon dancing.


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