Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sea Turkey Opener...

The sea duck season found itself in a major warm front that turned the temperatures in Downeast Maine front 35 degrees on Friday to 70 degrees on Saturday. 

There aren't many sea ducks moving right now and it took some time, several different decoy arrangements, and some excellent volleys, but when the day ended after noontime a full limit of eiders and coots piled on the floor.

To say how quickly that good things come to those who wait; my limit of eiders was satisfied when a flock of young drake eiders hung just outside the decoys.  With three shots, four big sea turkeys hit the water.  In about 45 minutes at midday, a flock of hen "dummy" coots came straight at us and when all was said and done, 7 lay on the Gulf of Maine thus completing our three man limit of 12 eiders & 9 coots. 

The 2011 Season thus far is one to remember, I'm hoping for a chance on Columbus Day but the wind is kind of complicating a strategic sea duck venue.

Take care,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. You the Man Duckman! You the Man!

  2. I really want to go do that. Pretty birds! Congrats

  3. Great kickoff for the new season!

  4. Found your blog through Outdoor Blogger network. Pumped to find another New Englander thats a hunter/blogger. Bookmarked!

  5. That looks like way too much fun! I've gotta get out on a sea duck hunt sometime soon.

  6. Plan on it down the road K... it would be cheaper to fly you here than send you lobsters!!!

    Ian pick up Trey as you drive by...

    PBM, any movement in the Belfast area as you gaze out in Penobscot Bay?

  7. Al Nonymous was sharp


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