Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Take that Trey Luckie!!!

So Mr. Luckie got what was coming to him... The former prince of probability has been dethroned by the Duck Hunting Demon and this may be one of my greatest "sit back chump and watch how the Duckman does it" moments since poor Rabid left Saturday with the the tail between his legs.  Needless to say, the Duckman has momentum and I may not be stopped...

So the Outdoor Blogger Network had this major gear review giveaway to celebrate the one year anniversary of success in connecting a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts.  I've enjoyed this site on many different fronts especially the ability to trade ideas, stories, and opportunities with fellow duck hunters from all over.  In addition, I've been privy to several previous victories that included an Otis Technology Gun Cleaning Kit (which I love) and an assortment of Berkley Havoc Baits where I had a student compose my gear review.  So let's get to the shelling...

My Thursday night victory was quite satisfactory as I garnered the Coleman Propane Ten Cup Coffee Maker valued at $90.  Honestly, it is something that seems absolutely awesome to add to my camping gear.  My wife's buddy already expects it in full use for our annual camping trip next August while my buddy Jab has proclaimed it reserved for our duck hunting camp down the bay.  Ah the wonders of posting your success on the mighty Facebook...

The Friday night victory was the most lucrative item for the entire celebration and was something that I have strongly considered buying although not one not quite as expensive.  The Foxpro Firestorm Electronic Predator Call had my name attached to it and my heart skipped a few beats.  Valued at $420, I already have ordered some Hornady Superperformance 58 grain V-Max rounds at 3925 feet per second for my father-in-law's Ruger M77.  In my sights already will be some fox and bobcat, the Rabid Outdoorsman has already offered to assist and join me in several pursuits this winter.

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of Rebecca and Joe over at the Outdoor Blogger Network and look forward to another great year of collaboration, conversation, and the competition between Mr. Unluckie and myself.  So here's to me and my continued dominance, and no Trey I will not create bad karma like you did in your "look what I have won" post.  (Click Here)

Have a great day, especially you Trey Unluckie because there is a new lucky ducky and where is your chicken dinner?  ;)


  1. So Mr. President has stolen my Mojo! That is quite alright as I have plenty to go around. Enjoy you short lived success as I will soon be back on top of my game. I feel a major winning streak will soon be headed my way and the Rabid Outdoorsman (your other punching bag) and myself will serve justice where justice is certainly due!

    Congrats my man! If I couldn't win I'm glad it was you!!

  2. In terms of luck, all you've gotten is Whammies...

    Have a good day buddy!!!

  3. Love it! You may be my new hero for taking down The Luckie ;)

  4. and I allowed myself to think that you were on my side LB! Lesson learned!!

  5. Don't worry Trey Duckman will eventually get his payback . . . err wait . . . he already did! LOL!


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