Monday, October 17, 2011

Outdoor Blogger Network One Year Anniversary Party

This Tuesday one of my more enjoyable websites will be 1 year old.  The Outdoor Blogger Network has been a very worthwhile endeavor in terms of networking, outdoor education, and other exciting endeavors such as gear reviews, guest blogs, and writing prompts.  Essentially, it has been a social network for those who love the outdoors and the activities that adjoin.

Please take advantage of this well done and ambitious effort over at the OBN and join... I will attest that some of the readership that I correspond with were through this website and I'm thankful for having the opportunity to meet many people who share my passions.  For this week, they will be whooping it up so go check it out!!!

For a quick link to the OBN, please click below.

Outdoors Blogger Network


  1. Way to go my man! Now you can enter the give aways 3 times. Your going to need all the chances you can get!

  2. First: Thank you for spreading the word about our celebration and your for your kind words!

    Second: Now I get those Trey Luckie comments. I think you've got him so far in comment entries. Hopefully you both win some new gear! In the meantime I'll just keep smiling over the antics!

  3. I have only begun to fight!!!


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