Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I found gasoline, without corn...

Ever since Maine gas pumps started putting ethanol into the gasoline I've had nothing but trouble with my small motors, particularly my marine outboards.  It flat out has become a safety issue that has hindered my confidence in the motor and added a degree of worriment to many a hunt.  So I decided it was time to do some research.

Apparently, there are places in Maine where you can buy gasoline without ethanol.  So I'm putting my logic to the test and will be purchasing over 20 gallons of straight gasoline (91 Octane) at around $5 a gallon.  Compared to the bullshit I've been dealing with in terms of additives, running the motor dry, emptying gas tanks, and stress of motor problems, I'll pay the price and drive almost three hours to get it.  We'll see how it works out, but the choice for me as an outdoorsman is ethanol free.

Straight gasoline should be offered at any fueling station, it just might scare you how many people would pay the extra price for the OPTION.

I'll be acquiring my fuel at the Dexter Regional Airport which has been confirmed by a good friend as an easy access 24 hour pay at the pump facility.  They use it for air traffic and I'll be using it for maritime travel.  One of my neighbors who summers from Massachusetts said the ethanol blend was evil crap, and now we are paying the consequences.

I even found a forum of Toyota Prius owners complaining how the ethanol blend was ruining their mileage.  Click Here

For a link to the article that has brought about this post please click here.

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The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. 6 bucks a gallon?That my friend is a rip off!Down here it runs for about 3.80 a gallon and yes small motors can not handle prolonged use of ethanol.The ethanol is supposedly going up to 20 percent and Yamaha corp has already stated they will not honor any warranties with ethanol over 10.good luck!

  2. The only real good use ... 13th Colony Southern Corn Whiskey

  3. Tug, I made a mistake concerning the price. $5 for 91 and $6 for 101 octane. Still high, but I will pay the higher amount. Part of the price issue is that the fuel is transported from Vermont and if more people buy the gasoline, then the supplier can bring more at a cheaper price. Thanks for swinging by man...

    What octane would you consider that to be???


  4. I had a bad time with the corn blend in the motorcycle. Gummed up the fuel jets and the float. Had to remove and rebuild the carbs after flushing the old gasoline out of the tank and the lines. Similar horror stories with outboards. Appears to be mostly a carburator issue, but probably not. Biggest problem is in engines that sit for some time between use, like my lawnmower!!. The motorcycle is now running fine but it took me about a year to get it to that condition. Had I known and had I access I would have stayed with the corn free, even at the higher price.


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