Sunday, September 4, 2011

Celiac Disease and a Fantasy Football Draft...

The summer for the Duckman hasn't been a great one...

I lost my mother to cancer in mid-July and was given a positive diagnosis of Celiac Disease just a few weeks later.  Both events have certainly set me back in life, but I choose to move forward.  In the midst of all the angst, my wife has certainly stepped up to the plate and proven why I needed her to be my companion in life...

At this point you may have a couple of questions...

Celiac Disease is a lifelong inherited autoimmune condition affecting roughly one in 133 people. When people with Celiac Disease eat foods with gluten (a protein found in all forms of wheat), it causes an immune-mediated toxic reaction that damages the small intestine and prohibits food to be properly absorbed.  In a nutshell, anything with wheat that I was eating essentially was forcing my immune system to run on overdrive.  And that wasn't good...

I won't go into detail about the extent of my symptoms or actually how terribly sick I became, but I do thank God for finally relenting to what I thought was anxiety of my mom's terrible fight.  So now I am on a strict gluten free diet to scale back my illness and begin life under a new direction.  Never again can I eat a care free diet, but if done properly never again will I endure the strife caused by the disease.  This can be readily defeated by diet...

To turn the page quickly, I accepted an offer to participate in a fantasy football league.  So here's the deal...
1) I did not watch one football game last year
2) I really don't know many NFL players
3) Before you hate on me, I never grew up with football

So here's my draft results and after some preliminary and post-draft research, I'm quite pleased with my team.  I'll be sure to post my progress with Celiac Disease & Fantasy Football along with the anticipation of the new hunting season...

I've already dumped Dan Carpenter and the Raiders after my best man lectured me on my novice drafting skills.  So I've added with his recommendation Ronnie Brown, Phi RB and Antonio Brown, Pit WR with a double top secret dude on my watchlist.

Take Care,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. You have the best kicker in the league!! He's a Georgia Southern Man!!! Good luck bud!

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mom . Those "care free" diets too often jump up and bite the hand that feeds them and not "care free" at all, just smoke and mirrors. Sounds like you're through the rough seas and into calmer waters.

  3. I am not up on football. I recently lost a parent too, the same way. Furthermore, I have an autoimmune response to the protein in milk.
    Have a blessed hunting season.

    P.S.-Thank You for taking the time to visit my blog.
    I have all the Subscribe, Follow, Share, Email & Feed “Gadgets”, but these are all way down at the very bottom of the page.
    Sorry you missed these. Maybe I need to move them.

  4. Sorry to hear about your loss and the Celiac disease, I've heard a lot about this recently. A guy I know from Church has 4 kids who all have it, so they are really careful in how they eat. Redbridge makes a Gluten free beer I believe. I am a fantasy football junky, and you didn't do too bad on your drafting. I like James Starks, and would probably start him over BGE.

  5. Welcome aboard JGR,
    So far I've picked up Cam Newton, Dustin Keller, Scott Chandler, Denarius Moore, and Ben Tate while canning a few dead beats.

    Seriously enjoying the Fantasy Football.



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