Friday, August 26, 2011

When in doubt, haul it out...


The window of possibility surrounding the motives of Irene has gotten smaller and smaller as the weekend approached.  Either I leave my lobster boat on the mooring, or haul it out and leave it in the boatyard for the duration of this storm.  My gut kept saying leave it down to dance, but my logic kept suggesting that I just get it out for simple peace of mind. 

So I went through my gear over the past several days and brought my vessel out of the Gulf of Maine so that Irene can do now whatever she pleases.  Inconsistency with the meteorologists and the general poor lack of updates on my traditional waves of information made for the decision based on relief not fear.

Enjoy your storm for all those reading on the East Coast...


  1. I don't blame ya bud! Better to be safe than sorry!!

  2. A wise decision my friend a WISE decision!

  3. not looking forward to the next 24-36 hours in southeast virginia.Good luck and hold on!

  4. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about the decision especially with the stronger winds whipping off the eastern side of the hurricane. I've seen in my few years on this planet two scenarios- one being big rain systems after the hurricane made it's way through the gulf coast and the other being coastal flybys with a lot of wind. This one is nothing I've ever seen.

    Tug, I know you guys are going to get it more head on... hope all can be safe as possible...

  5. Yeah i think you made the right choice. Now you should be able to sleep a little easier. Looks like a nice boat. You should do a post about it.

  6. Even though it's a pain in the tookus and a hit in the wallet to haul her out, she's much better off. She looks a lot nicer sitting in her cradle than jammed under some wharf or washed up on the rocks. Did you shorten up your warps?


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