Saturday, August 20, 2011

Better photo of the blue lobster and other things...

So I got a few emails wondering if I had read Rabid's blog entry on how to take good pictures and avoid the bad ones simply because the photos I snapped quickly of the blue lobster weren't so nice.  So in response to those who challenged my pictorial abilities, here you go and you can thank my wife for the photos... Have a good day peeps... 


  1. Is that the same blue or a different one? And the fourth pic that a trap you hauled or one of your crates? I see over a dozen bugs!

  2. It's the same one, we're just trying to figure out what to do with it and I thought taking a few extra & better photos amongst other lobsters would be cool.

    Yeah that trap today was loaded, I took my family & two friends out to haul ten traps for some eaters. Everybody is eating good tonight!!!

  3. Wow, Blue Lobster really is blue. Does this color have anything to do with copper as in some crabs?

  4. Hon. Pastor Duck- It's a genetic mutation that gives these rare lobsters their unique colors. For instance there are lobsters that actually look boiled, I haven't decided what to do with the blue lobster yet.

    Trey- if you noticed the shirt said "cool" and fyi- I'm very cool... so if you want to roll with "cool" then back off top dog!!! lol

  5. Never even heard of the blue lobster...that's pretty wild.

    And another academic question...where do you beloved eider go during the summer? Do they travel even farther north?

  6. Ian, some eiders nest locally and may or may not migrate all that far. Some travel hundreds of miles over the years of their lifetime so even though I'd classify eiders as somewhat migratory- they are sort of on their own terms.

    I've been watching quite a few residents out in the bay, but the big ones don't show up until the weather starts getting harsh.

    I've included a link to one of my more in depth looks at the eider. Hope you enjoy.


  7. You may want to read my article again. :)


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