Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First shedder of the season...

First soft shell lobster of the season, hopefully far more to come...

There are fishermen who chase lobsters year round, but many like me chase the early soft shell run from late June until the towel is thrown.  My efforts last usually until the end of September where my professional obligations as a teacher and after school program director get in the way.  However, July and August usually are two months that I must run and gun.

So today after setting my 400th trap in one week, I decided to check the gear that I first set out last Wednesday.  I'll be honest and say not much is happening, but I did manage to score the few lobsters to open the season.  It will be a nice evening tonight at the Duckman household as my wife and girls will be chewing into the profit margin as five unsuspecting lobsters find the pot with boiling water.

Trey Unluckie's Trap #0007
On another note, my esteemed friend Trey Luckie somehow convinced me that I needed to dedicate one trap to him.  So today I checked trap #0007 which was the choice of the Georgia rattlesnake.  With only one small lobster, I officially declare today as Trey "UNLUCKIE" Day.  He has already accused me of being a poor fisherman and expects greater results, but I will say his trap is a brand new double bedroom yellow wire weapon of dismay.  Plus, it's in a traditional hot spot, so time will tell.

Too small to keep, Trey Luckie 0 for 1

There is a plan in the works to liven up my blog and allow some of my followers the opportunity to somewhat be connected to the lobster fishery of Maine.  The details for this game are being worked out as Trey Unluckie, who already has a trap, may be challenging several other bloggers in a three week online lobster war. 

Until next time take care,

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Game on!! Bring on the challengers!!!

  2. I grew up working on a 35ft Osmond in Long Island Sound. One of my fondest memories were the Shedders in late June. It was the sign that the run was going to start. Too bad there are very few Lobsters left in western LIS.

  3. Savage, funny that you mention Osmond for my boat was the last one to come out of his old boat shop...

    Trey, are you thinking you'll be lucky or something???

  4. Not luck my friend! A very strong desire to will my way to a win!! Here fishy, fishy, fishy!!

  5. Just made my first trip up to Maine via tug this week.We went to Searsport and Portland,it was beautiful the entire 6 hours the sun came through the fog.We were there 4 days!We will be headed back in a few days and I promise not to run over any of your pots if you give me some lobster

  6. Oh...oh my...I think I may have to get in on this one. All this smack talking going on...I may not be able to resist this challenge!

  7. Duckman, I'm calling out Rabid, LB, and Ian. Hook them up with a trap if they think they are up to the challenge! Let the games begin!!!

  8. Challenge post will be up in a few days, plus I need to let the participants have the opportunity look over the possibilities...


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