Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photos from the past month...

Mating Mallard at Bud's Pond...

South Bristol, Maine and my buddy's new purchase...

Got Coke??? Got BB's???

Tunk Lake, Mountain Reflection

Flat Calm at Tunk Lake

Tunk Lake Salmon Troll

Brook Trout Venture at Six Mile Lake with the Ambush


  1. Great pics! I'm ready for more time out on the water.

  2. DEDH, How big a boat can be put in at Tunk?

  3. PBM,
    The public access has a nice ramp surrounding by sand for an easy drop and load, but you need to be very cautious about the rocks on your way out. Both Matt Diesel and I have dropped in our Lunds (his 16, mine 18) without a hitch. The water levels are high right now, but I chose to use a trolling motor once the levels drop. We set straight out, then turn left, once you get beyond the rock field you've got it made...

  4. Gang,
    The trouting run yielded five brookies in just two hours, they ran between 6 and 9 inches... hoping to return with my dad this weekend...



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