Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Change... not this year...

There are several bills that deal with Sunday hunting opportunities and I expect each and every one of them get defeated for a variety of reasons.

Here are the bills where you can link to the exact literature.

LD #749, An Act to Allow Sunday Hunting in Northern Maine
LD #810, An Act to Allow Hunting on Sunday in Certain Wildlife Management Districts
LD #906, An Act to Allow Sunday Hunting for Small Game and Wild Birds
LD #910, An Act to Allow Hunting on Sunday for Landowners

There are also some efforts to move towards reverse posting of land.

LD #223, An Act to Require Written Permission for Recreational Access to Cropland, Pastureland, and Orchards.
LD#559, An Act to Protect Owners of Private Property Against Trespass.

The reverse posting efforts listed above may change the game to deal with the few irresponsible hunters that ruin the privilege of land access.  However, if these were to be passed then I'd strongly expect Sunday hunting to be enacted.

In Maine almost all access takes place on privately owned property, however landowners are not liable for any injury.  Click Here for Landowner Liability.  This argument concerning Sunday hunting may be that many landowners who currently allow access for hunting will begin posting their property.  So does our state allow Sunday hunting and chance losing access to land, or does our state allow tougher restrictions for land access, or does our state do nothing and keep things the same?

I believe little action will be taken on either side and things will remain the same.  In tough times and much anger being cast from both sides of the aisle, maybe it would be practical to accept the times for what they are. However it seems when I resist change I'm always wrong, and when I support change I'm always wrong.  So, as for the potential of doing something I love a few extra Sundays a year, we'll see if hope prevails but I'm not at a point where I want to lose more than what I've already got...


  1. Just another reason to retire to Georgia!

  2. Here in CT we can not hunt on Sunday. I don't see what the big deal is since you can fish, roller skate, golf, or what ever else. The bill comes up every few years to lift it, but gets shot down.

  3. Does Maine law also forbid the use of the horseless carriage on Sunday? The law seems a bit outdated to me. I think the bills should be written to include an article specifying that the DEDH can do what whatever he wants when he wants!

  4. DDD, awesome but didn't you know that I can already do what I want...

    However, when it comes to consequences levied from law enforcement and my wife then I must proclaim that I must tread lightly on avenues of personal jubilation...

    Savage, I'm not sure about CT but here it's quite complex as the land owners associations tend to oppose this effort. If anything, I'd like to opportunity to waterfowl until the Sunday church bell goes off...

    Trey, we'll go look at local properties when I get down...

  5. Maine will be the last man standing when ALL the other states (6 remaining) with Sunday bands finally smarten up and allow Sunday hunting. Unfortunately, our state is filled with a bunch of landowners who are still stuck in the middle ages.

    Its ok Maine, hunter numbers are dropping, IFW is running low on funding and we were just voted last in the nation for small business. Looks like we have it all figured out. Idiots!

  6. I'd take repercussions from LE any day of the week over what my wife would offer!!!

    FYI, one of your comments got marked as spam for some reason-its been taken care of.

  7. As of right now, one bill stands alone... looks like this year is a bust...



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