Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Versatile Blogger...

One of the growing aspects of the blogging community has become the writing prompts that include awards that spread faster than the seasonal flu...

Today, I had one thrown my way by a fellow blogger code name, Swamp Thing.  He is a thorough and informative writer, which includes his efforts towards habitat restoration, gardening, hunting, fishing, and parenting.  In most avenues, I can completely relate to his prose and certainly am appreciative of our dialogue over the past several years.  For his compliment more than the prestigious Versatile Blogger Award, I will accept this challenge on the basis that I'm short of writing material for this week...

The criteria for this award is that I offer seven key aspects of awesomeness or items of interest to which I may either impress or repulse.  Then I must recommend at least five other quality links that make the grade in my opinion.  On the previous directive emphasis, let's roll...

About the Downeast Duck Hunter (not one duck achievement listed)
1) Knew after meeting his wife for the first time that his single days were over
2) Got into blogging after attaining a master's degree, couldn't let the literary wonder stop
3) Started center on a state championship basketball team
4) Is the history department at the high school he attended, can and will teach any social science course and owns one fast lobsterboat
5) Would rather have a tooth pulled than take another Registered Maine Guide Exam, they don't give those away
6) A member of the Biggest Bucks in Maine Club with a 200 pound 10 point whitetail taken in 1993
7) Still owns the first new vehicle he ever purchased, the 1998 GMC Sierra has 132,000 miles on it and still rolling with determination

After some serious consideration of other blogs that would seem worthy of a Versatility Award, I have chosen to quarantine this accolade and use this opportunity to thank those bloggers that have been part of the DEDH crew.  Hammering on the keys is a little bit more worthwhile since I've met these people.  In no particular order, here are the members of Team Duckman and if you aren't on this list, try harder:

The Maine Outdoorsman by my buddy Steve Vose, fellow Maine Guide
Women's Hunting Journal by Terry Scoville in Oregon
Ducks, Dogs, & Downriggers by the Gang in Washington
River Mud

Brave Eagles Hunt with Antique Brownings by Trey Luckie in Southern Georgia
I Don't Wear Pink Camo to the Woods by Kari in Wisconsin


  1. Thanks for the shout out bud! Can I just copy and paste to my blog since I would say pretty much the same thing anyway? Of course my lobster boat is not really that fast!

  2. Thanks, for looking out!By the way I now have Jimmer fever.I saw a game yesterday and the kid is good.I guess up there you all pronounce it Jimmah!

  3. Yeah Tug, wasn't his best game especially from beyond the arc but he's a hoot to watch with a pretty awesome story to boot. Jimmah Fevah!!!

  4. Jimmah Fevah lol lol. Wicked sweet shootin' from the tope o tha ahhhk.

    Basketball, who'da thunk it?

    And Trey, I would laugh my butt off to see a Georgia Lobster Boat! "This danged ol lobster boat is like an erster boat with wannngs!" (PS I haven't heard a good Georgia accent in about 2 years, so that's more like the eastern shore of VA accent).

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out here. Team Duckman, huh? It just has a great ring to it!

    It was also nice to learn some more about the man behind the blog, even after I read your interview. It's amazing how when you meet the right person you just know. That's how my Hubbin' said it was when he meet me. I, however, took more convincing! lol!

  6. Considering my pathetic posts for the last few months I am truly delighted for the inclusion on Team Duckman. Hopefully I can start a rebound with a report tomorrow on my pilgramage to the Bean Fishing Expo later on today. Is there a new fly rod or spinning rod in the offing? Some killer West Grand salmon lures? Perhaps a new boat landing net? Or maybe I'll return home with just a new hammock and a jar of dilly beans. Anyways..thanks a lot!

  7. Thanks! If you're ever in the Pacific Northwest, you'd better not leave without duck hunting or salmon fishing with some of The Gang!

  8. DDD, if I'm ever in the Pacific Northwest it would be to join you in your blind... In my opinion, your blog is exactly what I enjoy reading...



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