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Outdoor Blogger Network Review Opportunity: Otis Hard Core Hunter Cleaning Kit

Otis Technology Hardcore Hunter Cleaning System

I'm not a gun cleaning enthusiast; actually if I could have someone else do the good work for me then I'd graciously hand over the firearm and look forward to the next day in the field or on the water.  However,  I tell my little girls if you want to keep the toys you have then you must clean up after yourself. Therefore, I must do the same and ensure that my firearms are well maintained.  I'm always looking for something to make what I do easier and when a gear review post came up last month, I figured it was worth a shot.  That shot was the Otis Hard Core Hunting Cleaning Kit which I managed to win.  Not bad for only having joined OBN a month before.  Now for the review.  Please note that I am an independent man with no commercial connection to Otis Technology and only a member of the Outdoor Blogger Network who offers these opportunities.  I thank both for allowing me the opportunity to try out the kit.

Compact and loaded with components
I received the kit in good order with a letter, catalog, and directions.  My first reaction was that the camouflage storage case seemed a tad small for what I intended to do.  It literally fit in the palm of my hand and came with a solid strap on back to run a belt through.  Useful I thought, but my plans would be to throw it into my gear bag for sometimes space around my waist is limited.  On any account, I can officially attest that my interest in opening this pint size means to clean was at beast on full excitement.

Level One
Strapped Level

Last Level

Within this kit were 5 distinct levels of hardware.  The pouch on the top included 3 flexible cables (8, 30, & 34 inches), bore reflector, and cotton patches in 2" and 3" widths.  As I moved down one flight, the foam capsule included a variety of tips, adapters, patch savers, and parts for a T-handle.  On the flip side of this capsule were the wire brushes in a variety of calibers.  An elastic strap then held a 12 & 20 gauge brush along with the Otis 085 Ultra Bore gun cleaning solvent.  To end my trip at the bottom was a pouch that held a micro-fiber gun cloth and a bonus complimentary dual technology brush for .17 caliber.  Needless to say, I was impressed with the organization of this kit.

I chose to tackle a New England Firearms Model P73 in .32 H&R Magnum left to me by my late father-in-law and I had never given it a thorough cleaning as I've used the handgun.  Plus I figured it would be neat to use the smaller caliber features of the kit in addition to the shotgun I chose- my Beretta Xtrema2.

It took me a few minutes to canvas the instructions (which by the way were very informative and came with step by step photos) and get started with the bore cleaning.  It was here where I hit the first snag, but an adaptable one.  In order to "pull" the custom patch through with the wire cable, I needed to prep the tip with the cotton patch and insert this into the bore where it then could be threaded into the cable.  Once ready, the system with some solvent easily performed and worked like a dream.  After that, I utilized the .30 caliber wire brush in the same manner as the patch and found the effort minimal.

The system was easy with the Xtrema2
Using the system for my Beretta Xtrema2 was quite simple.  The 30 inch cable along with the appropriate tip and brush made for a relatively easy effort.  I was most impressed that I could clean the bore without needing to break down the shotgun and "push" the brush through.  There exists no question that in the field, this system can quickly do the job to promote a clean bore even before you leave the field.

Otis Technology on the left
The things I liked about the system:
* the cotton patch system did make for a convenient swab once I learned how to apply the direction in order to adjust for varying calibers
* it's a far smaller kit than most other brands while being just if not more versatile
* the breech to muzzle concept is common sense in action while the coated cables ensure no damage to the bore
* the wire brushes were in my mind far superior to the competition in terms of overall quality especially the bristles

The things that were good about the system:
* the T-handle bar was in my mind and excellent design but the bar at times would slip out and fall
* the foam organization system made for easy organization, even my daughter could put the components in the correct locations
* the camouflage soft pack case is well designed with a silent zipper than prevents debris from getting in

The thing that didn't work exactly as planned:
* When trying to follow the directions I found that as I tried to pull the bore brush into the bore, I could not get the system through.  I had to untwist the brush from the cable, insert it into the bore, and then reconnect the system.  It wasn't a huge pitfall, but revolvers may be more of a challenge than other handguns.

I believe this system would work well on warmer days, in the camp, or at the lodge, but I would not want to attempt this in the duck blind in mid-December.  As with anything, this system has places it would work like a dream and others where it may not be the easiest to use.

I would certainly recommend this system for the mobile hunter who may be at camp, a hunting trip, or away from home for a few days.  The Hard Core Hunter Cleaning Kit is a quality bore cleaning system that I look forward to accompanying me.  I thank Otis Technology and Outdoor Blogger Network for allowing me the opportunity to offer a gear review.

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  1. Dang! Great review man! You did a much better job than I did and I have to say that I agree with everything that you said. YOU are the man!!


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