Saturday, January 29, 2011

One hour, one lake, two men, six trout, thirteen flags

The limit...

So my dad decides he wanted in on the trout action and joins me this morning for the half-hour commute to Lake St. Brook Trout.  The landing was turned up quite badly with minced snow (if snow can be minced) and it took some time, towing assistance (given and received), and a few hand shakes to finally get started.

The men who took part in the snow run fiasco were packing up and graciously offered their spot, extra bait, and some information.  They had scored 5 trout from 8 flags and felt more were there.  With that, we quickly set out ten traps with smaller shiners in hopes that we would be as successful.

What a terrible move, by 9:20 we were fishing and one hour later we had acquired the last trout.  On several occasions we had two or three flags at once, line running everywhere, and when the damage was finally assessed we weren't quite sure what had happened.

My father took first blood with a nice 10 inch trout quickly followed by mine first score, a nine inch brookie.  After several flags, stripped hooks, and continual checking, Dad yanked out his limit with a 9.5 inch beauty.  Once his traps were taken out, I still needed one trout.  However, my mind was on getting the champion so after catching & releasing two smaller trout, I finally took the best one of the day measuring a clean foot in length.  One hour had transpired and we were on our way home.  I backed out the entire access road and then took the GMC out of four wheel drive for the quick voyage back to the rock.

Here's some phone footage of our day which includes both of my dad's scores and some photos as well.

We are heading to the family camp tomorrow as the weather turns a bit more chilly (it's 27 right now but little wind).  Let's hope for at least one fraction of the fishing action tomorrow!  The lake holds brook trout, brown trout, yellow perch, and small mouth bass...

Take care,


 Trout number one

Trout number two for Dad

My second trout...

Dad's first ever trout through the ice...

Reeling in trout number two...


  1. Well you did better than I did yeaterday bud! Took the boy fishing in two different spots yesterday. It was a beautiful day with temps in the high 60s'. NOT ONE BITE!! I did get some shop work done though. I'll post on that later today! Good luck today!!

  2. You know I can say the following statement because I am from the South and I get made fun of all the time, but you guys "tawk" funny! :) You should throw a few "recons" or "fixins" in there every now and again! It's hard for a southern boy like myself to understand such proper language!

  3. yessah bub, we don't drink much beah but do enjoy some rum in our soder... what a pissah that you think I'm propah...


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