Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid-day update!!! Live from the landing!!!

46 words per minute in camo!!!

I did find a wireless connection...

So the coyote hunting went okay except the -3 degree temperature that honestly took my breath away.  When I would exhale, you could see the shimmer of freezing moisture.  I looked over at Rabid and his face  resembled that of the abominable snowman.  It was cold but we held out for about two hours.

Once back to the four wheeler, we opted to return to base rather than hike the twenty minutes into Plan A Pond.  Our new plan brought us to Lake St. George in Waldo County which stricter state regulations put us on a two trap limit, and one salmon each at a 16 inch minimum. 

So far, we have had two tip ups, one stolen bait, and one sixteen inch salmon, all garnered by the Rabid Outdoorsman.  My question at this point then becomes who is visiting who and why is Rabid catching fish with my gear?

The Great Fisherman


  1. Here I sit with DDH at the landing and my apparent slaying of fish has him resorting to waging a battle of chemical warfare against me in the cab of the truck rivaling the weapons of mass destruction rumored to be lying in wait in some hidden bunker in the sands of Iraq.

    Note to self . . . before the next hunting expo with my "friend" the DDH I must stock the recesses of my lower colon with pickled products to have a fair chance of defending myself against his indiscretions. Fire must be fought with fire!!!

  2. Sounds like you too are having a good time! It's nice and sunny here in South Georgia with temps in the mid 50's! Not quite so cold!

  3. Two Traps? I used to put out the max(6 in CT), but i put out less and less. Now i just jig with my flasher. Great update from the truck.

  4. Typically, we have a five trap limit. Some lakes and ponds have certain restrictions. I've added the link below.

    I will say it was easier to pack up.


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