Saturday, January 8, 2011

First day out on the ice...

Real Men Use Hello Kitty Gear...

I opted for ice fishing even though the sea duck season is running out of time, however there always exists that bit of anticipation every time a new time of year comes around.  With little sleep, I lurched out of the driveway before daylight and made way to my buddy's house who would be on his first ever ice fishing venture.

The local trout hole...
After acquiring our small shiners for bait, a pit stop for fuel & other provisions, and making the short trek to one of my favorite trout holes, we made quick work of getting the holes drilled and traps set.

13 inch brook trout after three stolen baits
Our first flag sprang just as we finished the tenth tip up, and we took the time to video tape a neighboring crew who was enjoying their youngest pull up a nice 11 inch brook trout.  Shortly thereafter, we had two more flags and line out before I was able to nail down a beautiful 13 inch brookie.

The day didn't last long as we needed to get back for munchkin basketball program, and packed our things by ten o'clock.  Nevertheless, I'd qualify it as a good day and hope for continued success on the ice.  On taps for next weekend, a pike venture with the Rabid Outdoorsman.

Take care,
The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Glad to see you got on the ice to slay a few trout.

  2. Looks a little too cold for this South Georgia boy!

  3. Dear Hello Kitty,

    That is a beauty fish bud! Can't wait to re-introduce you to the Pike this weekend in the Belgrade lake chain!


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