Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Early Duck Power Video...

This older video was from the early development of our duck hunting crew several years ago.  Life is a little different now and it seems almost impossible to compile another video of our good work.  Enjoy!

Duckpower Mix

Take care,



  1. Send 'em on home to glory boys!!! That was freakin' awesome!!!!! I have got to get in on some of that!!

  2. You get into the stuff I deal and you'll be buying a home in downeast Maine!!! You'll be a quack addict...

  3. Here in South Georgia you can shoot Woodys in the swamp on a regular basis or catch a Mallard or two on the river. That big open water shooting just looks like fun to me! Me and the Maxus could have us a time!

  4. One more thing. I couldn't move to Maine. Too close to L.L. Bean. I'd be broke in a month! :)

  5. I'd be more happy with L.L. Bean if I could use my guide association discount at the outlet stores, but then again I'm just an "order now" away...


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