Monday, January 10, 2011


So here I sit sick as a dog with a sinus infection that has left my ears plugged & popping, my equilibrium as sound as a drunkard, and a head that just might explode if you were to perform a simple judo chop to my forehead.  However, rather than be the typical ultra tough guy that I profess to be, I chose to go to the doctors and get treatment.  Two reasons fostered this move, 1) work was miserable and I wasn't doing anybody any good by being sick, and 2) I've got plans for this weekend.  So here are the preliminary possibilities right now... Oh and by the way, I'm hanging out with my buddy The Rabid Outdoorsman which will lend itself to some potential ridicule and harassment.  Hopefully this time it will be me flogging the unfortunate outdoorsman, but time and reality will tell.

Plan A- Predator hunt followed by ice "trash" fishing

Lately Rabid has been on the predators and pulled off a nice bobcat which has officially garnered my curiosity.  We can get set up on the ice, spend the early morning with the game call, see what's up, then drill holes for some ice fishing action.  The trash fish we joke about aren't completely awful:  yellow perch, pickerel, bass, and sunfish, but for us ice fishing demands efforts towards the togue (lake trout), landlocked salmon, northern pike, or the other trout.  On any account, good plan which will fall directly into the Rabid Outdoorsman expertise level and allow me to once again be reunited with the one I let live.

This one still lives at Plan A Pond and should be very afraid...

Plan B- Pursue the monster northern pike

I'll be honest, I want a seriously huge northern pike and spend about one hour trying to get it in.  Rabid has had some success in this venue and can attest to scoring one wall hanger, but the ice in the areas we may need to get aren't confirmed as "safe" whereas it would take travel, time, and energy to pull this one off.  Who knows, with some proper scouting this plan may become the official plan of action.

The only pike from last year's two day Great Pond trip...
Rabid with his monster northern pike at North Pond... Note it gets bigger every year...

Plan C- Go to the L.L. Bean in Freeport and Cabelas in Scarborough

Nice plan, will end my life since I neglected to inform my wife of this plan.  If followed through upon, there will be no blog entry nor will I allow the one who calls himself Rabid to chance.  The potential of this venture; slim, nil, and dangerously ignorant.

On any account, be ready for a public flogging will take place... pick your all-star either the Dashing Downeast Duck Hunter or the Reckless Rabid Outdoorsman... two heavyweights (well at least light heavyweights) clash in central Maine.  Stay tuned!!!


  1. Good luck! It still looks cold!

  2. I'll take cold over poisonous snakes any day, actually I'll take cold over any snake... It looks like Plan A is taking the lead...

  3. Which ever plan you choose, have fun and stay safe! (In other words- do NOT pick plan C!)

  4. Kari,
    The poor rabid snowman just called to see if I were still game after the 18 inches of snow which translates into snowshoeing, pain, and suffering. I will not allow him the opportunity to shame me, Plan A is official...

    I'm rollin' out on Friday for Wile E. Coyote!!!


  5. Holey're either 3'11'' or that is one heck of a largemouth (thumbs up)

    Feel better...weekends are too short to be sick...

    kool blog!

  6. Welcome aboard Dennis, I'm 3'11 sitting down... the bass is waiting for my return as I chose to honor it with life... and I'm well on the mend... I'll check your blog ASAP


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