Monday, November 29, 2010

Hunting Permission Attained

I'm happy to say that my professional guides license has been upgraded with a hunting permission.  To be bluntly honest and quite frank, this achievement did not occur easily or without struggle.

I again thank my buddy, The Rabid Outdoorsman, for his support and encouragement while putting most appreciation towards my wife who had to endure hours upon hours of diverted attention and study.  Let's just say the fishing endorsement can wait as I get back to a more relaxed frame of mind (not that my life is hectic or anything).

It would be important to thank the members of the oral board for once again pushing my thinking and challenging my every intention of becoming a hunting guide.  I'm a better man for this experience and can only offer my total respect and support for those whom I've encountered at DIFW during this ride.

I look forward to the future as several opportunities are in the planning stages, the timing of everything now becomes the key.

Take Care,



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